For Sale!

Below we have for sale tile that is available from our warehouse. If you are interested in any items below please call 301-885-1600


Hand painted Talavera Tile

36 boxes, 88 tiles each.
Hand painted Talavera Tile, clay based
OC15 Madrid pattern
4 x 4
9.77 sq ft per box

$60 per box


Arabesque Merlot tile

High end Arabesque tiles
Merlot colored
Made in Mexico
size is roughly 3" x 3" - odd shape
$80 per box - approx 8 sq ft per box
approx 15 boxes available


 Blue Glass Mosaic

size / dimensions: 12x12
$20 a box for the 10 sq ft- 22 boxes
$40 a box for the 20 sq ft- 13 boxes 

If you want the whole 480 sq ft lot i'm sure we can work out a deal. 


and more…